Some favorites:

  • mimi
    mimi smartypants is unequivocably and forever my favorite person to read online. She's hilarious, quirky, clever, and fabulous in all the exact ways I want to be. Additionally and inconceivably, she's rather stringently consistent in entertaining me EVERY SINGLE TIME with her tales from the cold hard streets of Chicago, about Nora the little rockstar girl, and some of the best neuroses ever.
  • olympia
    olympia leads a pretty wild sort of fantasy life that I can easily buy into. I appreciate getting snippets of real detail about being a postmodern courtesan from someone literate and opinionated; she will blow away whatever you thought were your sexual ethics.
  • zulieka
    Another sex-related blog, but much more artsily enchanting and just from a regular violinist girl who happens to love sex. As of late, what was originally conceived as a sex blog has now finally, unavoidantly, evolved into a pregnancy blog. zulieka can still haunt you with her stories, though.
  • dooce
    Heather is a "Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) or a Shit Ass Ho Motherfucker." She is regularly laugh out loud hilarious. She and mimi have totally convinced me that having kids one day doesn't mean I have to stop being insane.
  • joanna
    I've been reading joanna's site forever forever because she is a good writer in that cute and emotion-laden sort of way that reminds me of being a teenager, but without the whining, and also because she has stellar taste in music. I will be in her debt for the rest of my life as she introduced me to Mirah and Songs: Ohia, two of my favoritests.
  • sundry
    Sundry is adorable and wickedly funny and totally silly sometimes (in a good way) and every now and then knocks your face off with some beautiful short story or an incredible photograph.
  • siobhan
    miss siobhan has a stunning beauty in her prose, her simplistic but perfect page designs, her depiction of her life. I am sad that she updates so rarely these days, but happy that she's luxuriating in the beautiful mist of New Orleans.
  • jason
    A Big Popular Internet Persona, jason is great for always having interest-sparking articles and links and news items and the latest web insanity.
  • an assortment of my friends
    There's a big amount of variety here; some of my friends write every day with funny snippets, some use LJ primarily to corral people for social gatherings, some people stick their head in once every blue moon to share something funny or sad or infuriating.