6 August 2005


Well, hi.

I was already having a good day today. I adore Fridays, I am pumped about swimming and running lately, and excited about the fact that I am pumped, but somewhat hesitant about the fact that I am pumped because I've never been "athletic" before, and it's primarily because I thought spending time focused on your body was primarily bullshit. It's mostly a carrying case for your brain and there are many other things I'd rather be doing that actually make me more INTERESTING, which is likely more important, but I guess I'm just trying out an experiment in self-control and dedication and um, empowerment.

Shoot me if I start talking about the deep, ponderous, meditative state I got in while running that fourth mile or something, though, please.

I got to hang out with both Bonnie and Parker and the HP (Hartford Place, not Harry) boys this evening, and got to briefly see the lovely and fabulous Becky and Mark, though unfortunately got pulled in eighty directions at least and didn't really get to chat them up. Becky looked beautiful, though, and happy.

I had a Red Bull and vodka, and HEY does that stuff keep me awake. I like limiting my caffeine because it makes it have alien superpowers when I do get a heavy dose.

I got to drive Matt's stick-shift home from Mr. C's, which is fun fun. Totally doing that up on my next car. Which may be a good million years or so from now.


(THIS was waiting for me when I got home!)

Yes, I'm dancing around. No, I don't know for sure what my plans are. Just that: they are EXCITING PLANS!


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