8 February 2006

Marionettes on weakening cables
huddled up with fear and hate
because they know their fate
and it's a lot to put 'em through

—"Fighting in a Sack," The Shins


Luke (who was always fun to talk to at the old 118 parties [IMG 0412 through 0414] and whose smart and smartass conversationalism I miss) makes some very good demands of the digital music industry in the latter half of this post. He also links the kind of Linux applications that really inspire me to freshen up my poor neglected Debian box.

And yet, I still get suckered into Apple's bells and whistles all the time.


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Thinking about my future is kinda making me sick to my stomach right now. Hopefully a trip to the calming pretty of Savannah this weekend will soothe me.


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The tide of my electronic plague seems to finally have turned: this morning I introduced zelda, my gorgeous new work laptop, to cecilia, the iPod that Apple just sent me to replace the one that NYC killed.

They are both filled to bursting with rockingly delicious tunes.

And another good note on the electronic front: newness has been added to my favorite rockstar's website, including an upcoming show at the 40 Watt next Saturday. Wanna come with me?


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