9 February 2006

you can't avoid her
she's in the air
in between molecules of
oxygen and carbon dioxide

you walk up to her
ask her to dance
she says hey baby
I just might take the chance

you say it's a good thing
that you float in the air
that way there's no way
I can crush your pretty
toenails into a thousand pieces

—"only in dreams," =w=


I had a nightmare last night that was so terrifyingly creepy and disturbing in the deepest gooey recesses of my cerebellum that it woke me, froze me in terror, made me phobic of falling back to sleep, but horrified of the idea of getting out of my bed because that would create an empty space behind me—

and who knows what could reside in that space.

It was some unholy combination of the most bewildering and desperately tragic components that exist in The American Astronaut, Perelandra, and my personal neuroses with academic accomplishment.


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dave: http://www.petsinuniform.com/images/example_yorkshire_terrier_2.jpg
me: uh oh
me: that url is bad news
dave: unless you like great news
me: dave
me: please no
dave: http://www.petsinuniform.com/images/example_cat_3.jpg
me: I hear you saying
me: but that is wrong
me: and evil
me: that is so terrifying
me: I had a nightmare last night that was so bad it woke me up
dave: hahaha
me: which I haven't had in years
me: I don't need this kind of fear
me: it was probably a premonition about this very IM chat
dave: http://www.petsinuniform.com/images/example_australian_shep_2.jpg
dave: first dog on the moon....and into my heart.


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Big birthday love goes out to Bonnie, whose pretty self brings a light to my life.

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