4 January 2005

Ransom was by now thoroughly frightened—not with the prosaic fright that a man suffers in a war, but with a heady, bounding kind of fear that was hardly distinguishable from his general excitement: he was poised on a sort of emotional watershed from which, he felt, he might at any moment pass into delirious terror or into an ecstacy of joy.

—C.S. Lewis, Out of The Silent Planet


I constantly crave moments like the above. Since I'm probably not going to be kidnapped anytime soon by dudes with a spaceship, I usually get it from rollercoasters, and drugs,

and the feeling in my tummy when a particular boy tells me I'm special to him.


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An exchange from this afternoon on my office's talk.flame newsgroup:

I wrote: Hahaha, so if McDole can wear a Pink Pony t-shirt to work, I can totally post my favorite girl, Sarah Silverman, being hilarious, even though she is hilarious primarily because she's the most vulgar and obscene and offensive thing, and is still completely adorable.

mcdole wrote: Hey, its a nice white shirt that doesn't say or show anything, just a logo for a bar.. that happens to have a stage for the performing arts. Is there a problem with liking art? Why don't you just burn the Mona Lisa!

me: Hahaha. You really don't want to get into a debate with me on the values and inconsistencies of stereotypical gender roles in "art."

may: whats wrong with chicks in art ??

me: I believe art is a relatively strong representation of social standards, and for a long time, those social standards appreciated females almost exclusively on a physical level: an appreciation of aesthetics, and the feminine nature of beauty, if you will.

Post-"the Women's Movement", art can either hold true to those traditions and continue to place women on a pedestal for their physical beauty, or it can shoot the finger at the idea. I'm not going to deny that girls are pretty, and there are many good reasons that art should be pretty as well, and neither am I going to criticize females that are proud of how they look and want to flaunt it, but as someone who is a tremendous advocate of the appreciation of women in more intellectual pursuits (from intelligent and thought-provoking art, to comedy, to technology and science and mathematics), I can't help but have a bit of contempt for the entire sex industry and how it makes women's bodies a more prioritized asset than their brains.


Even if strip clubs are kinda fun sometimes.


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I think this one was my favorite New Year's of all.


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