1 March 2006

Consider Albert Q. Mathnerd, a math undergrad at MIT. He works hard and beats his chest to demonstrate that he is the best math nerd at MIT. This is important to Albert because most of his friends are math majors and the rest of his friends are in wimpier departments, impressed that Albert has even taken on such demanding classes. Albert never reflects on the fact that the guy who was the best math undergrad at MIT 20 years ago is now an entry-level public school teacher in Nebraska, having failed to get tenure at a 2nd tier university. When Albert goes to graduate school to get his PhD, his choice will have the same logical foundation as John Hinckley's attempt to impress Jodie Foster by shooting Ronald Reagan.

—Philip Greenspun, in the incredibly discouraging Women in Science


Information from the recently radio-mentioned www.bobedingfield.com: tomorrow night (Thursday, March 2), 10 High in the Highlands, doors at 10pm, $5.

Creative Loafing picked it as one of the week's best shows. Can you even consider resisting an alluring recommendation such as that?

I'm going to wear a sparkly dress and hopefully see many of you people! I'm quite confident that you'll have a simply smashing time.

(I'm on a food creation kick lately; if some people get in touch with me regarding their interestedness, I might make some kind of feast prior to rocking, and make certain that the fans have food and drink in them, preshow.)


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