28 March 2006

Jeremy has wondered about what kinds of television shows the characters in television shows watch. Television characters almost always have better haircuts, funnier friends, simpler attitudes toward sex. They marry magicians, win lotteries, have affairs with women who carry guns in their purses. Curious things happen to them on an hourly basis. Jeremy and I can forgive them their haircuts. We just want to ask them about their television shows.

—Kelly Link, "Magic for Beginners" again


shaggz: also, how is it that this machine has 2 gigs of ram and i've only got 245 megs free?
shaggz: i mean, what the hell am i doing here?
me: oh god, don't ask me
me: I don't know the answers to these questions
me: or if I do, the answers are even more discouraging than you anticipate
shaggz: i dunno
shaggz: i've set my standards pretty low
shaggz: i was expecting a response akin to "because jesus hates you and you're going to die"


I went to sleep last night before midnight, and I don't have to be in the office until ten.

I was still late to work.

I eat sleep like it's candy sometimes.

And sleep and sleep and sleep until the rest of my life is clouded and dank.



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