29 august

I'm taking my time in getting settled into new routines, searching out the optimal paths in my new small-town academic atmosphere. The tentative idea that this could be home in some long-term way emphasizes how much I want to make it feel right, right from the beginning.

In many ways, it already does. And yet I remain wary. Always cautious of making decisions before the absolute final moment, once all the variables are revealed before me.


Will post pictures this weekend: of my room, my house (owned by the illustrious Beth B., who's really awesome to have as a friend, and landlord no less), my bike with which I've been ever so psyched to be building such a strong rapport, some delicious food items (an ever so reassuring constant in my life, across all journeys).


Going downtown, leaving my office with a view, to have a drink and some fries with my boyfriend. Have a long weekend ahead, really happy.