17 october 2014

In some study, they say phones and computers are replacing our cerebral cortexes, externalizing our thoughts so that we do not need to think them... Susan is worried about this, but is it so bad? Sure, Shakespeare knew ten thousand words, or a million words, just a lot of words, and he was real good at what he did, but also no women were allowed in his shows and if you got sick with pneumonia you'd just die, probably in two days, and only half the children made it to age ten. So it's a trade-off, is what I say.

"Wordkeeper", The Color Master, by Aimee Bender

Today I'm 33 weeks pregnant with the twin girls who will, from what I've heard, take Bo's and my lives and twist them up in a whirlwind of intense change and love and mayhem; fear and pain and sleep-deprived drudgery; fun and joy and heart-pounding euphoria.

But you know, also just kick us into the parenting thing that billions have done before us, and (unless we as a species meet our heat-death sooner than anticipated) billions will continue to do after us. I'll try not to act like this.


It has now been approximately 15 years since I started posting snippets of my brain matter on the internet. I adore the recent nostalgic rekindling of those days when "online journaling" was a thing, and "blogging" was not quite, and the UNIX command line was introduced in the first lab in CS1501. Maybe I'm doing my small part here.