19 may 2015

But nothing during my SNL years prepared me for children.

The thing about little babies is that you are always afraid they are going to die. At least in the beginning. You are constantly checking to make sure they didn't die and you haven't killed them. Because of this, it's truly impossible to sleep when you are a new mother. The other thing about little babies is that you don't get the weekends off. You don't get a Saturday where you can catch up. The sleep deprivation after children is so real. I liken it to what it must feel like to walk on the moon and to cry the whole time because you had heard that the moon was supposed to be great but in truth it totally sucks.

...I remember being filled with rage when childless people would talk about brunch.

Amy Poehler, Yes Please

Six months old, starting to do first foods, loving some books like Owl Moon, and The Color Kittens, being super cute most all the time while still being pretty dang demanding, learning new things at every second, continuing to make me gape in wonder at this whole thing, twins, and babies, and a whole different family than Bo and I had just not that long ago.