Mon Feb 1 2016

Warm days help us survive the struggle that is wintertime with babies--almost toddlers. We still get the sniffles at an alarming rate, which I hope will slow as we get more spring days. Both girls gave us giant smiles, Nora's open-mouthed with joy, as we put them in swings at Sandy Creek yesterday. The girls each got to slide down a playground slide for the first time in their little lives as well. They radiated delight at being able to crawl around a structure (too fast! too quickly getting away from my reach!) with steps built for kids instead of adults. Though they're not quite kids yet, it's right around the corner, I know it, and am at the place now where I'm resisting a bit how fast it's going. It's a precarious place, where of course I can't wait to talk to them and go on real trips with them and share my favorite books with them, and yet, I know (because other parents remind me all the time) I should appreciate the moment, be present, it goes by so fast.

Other great moments as of late -- the girls both showing off how well they can stand unassisted, take a few steps, more if no one's watching; Nora just loving saying "BEA!" and pointing at her, "Beyah!!" and saying Wyatt as well, "Wy-wee", "Wy-wy", "Wy-way"; Bo doing solo baby dinner and bath time on Friday so that I could see Natalie Chanin talk about the power of small simple tools, and everyone surviving and looking pleased and be-PJ-ed when I got home, ready for bedtime; Bea starting a mini jump party while riding in my pack yesterday at Sandy Creek, while walking alongside the river, Bo saying, "When the pack's a-rockin'" and cracking me up so that she continued to bounce; and riding around the backyard in the wagon yesterday, sunny sky, observant girls, short sleeves, saying, "Stay sitting! No standing in the wagon!" as those silly gooses teased me, sitting on their knees, bumping around the yard.