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4 May 2006

In little more than half a century, the computer has moved from rarity to ubiquity. In the rich, Euro-American, world—and to a growing extent beyond it as well—computers now play an essential part in work, education, travel, communication, leisure, finance, retail, health care, and the preparation and conduct of war. Increasingly, computing is to be found in devices that do not look like computers as one ordinarily thinks of them: in engines, consumer products, mobile telephones, and in the very fabric of buildings.

—opening line of Donald MacKenzie's Mechanizing Proof

i want a girl who will laugh for no one else



I'm going to use this semi-public (though entirely dictatorialized by yours truly) forum to call out Beth and Bo Bedingfield, for both always acting all chill and and oh-NO-I'm-no-party-animal, because I was out in downtown Athens 'til 2 on Tues. night being cool with the Wydelles, and then tonight Beth and I danced til dawn (um it seems like it's almost dawn by how much my feet hurt? Advisory to myself: flip-flops are the stupidest dance shoe choice you've ever made, young lady, and you've made some doozies. My feet are vile blackness and whatever toe muscle you use to make sure a flip-flop stays on your foot when you lift up your foot? I have never worn it out so badly).

It is so their fault that I am a zombie girl, thrown unprepared into this rock and roll lifestyle.

Only the highest congratulations go out to that lovely lady, for a multitude of reasons, which mostly boil down to just ruling overall.


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Saw lots of kids tonight I hadn't seen in ages. Coffee with Andy and April, lots of the old crew at MJQ. After Berny gave me a bear hug and I was about to say "I haven't seen you in..." I realized that it had been so long, I basically hadn't ever seen him. "EVER? Do I know you?"


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And now to the bubble bath. One of the last in my bathroom for a princess. But there is no one else here, and I will blare this playlist from years ago. It is called girlparty and it has weezer and franz and soft cell and new order and and and paula abdul.

That does not mean I approve of people seeking her approval, though.


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ps: there is a major flaw in my strategy of coffee-resistance, and that is when I casually throw back a cup LIKE SEVEN HOURS AGO and still my mind is jittery and I cannot sleep.


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