2 May 2006

Those of us who grew up in the post-industrial, pop-culture-saturated West (and a whole lot of people who didn't) have been raised to believe that we are unique individuals with special destinies. When it comes to imagining that destiny, however, all we have are the mass-produced images of fame and success that everyone shares: Donald Trump in his corner office with its vulgar but expensive furniture, Howard Stern partying joylessly amid pneumatic boobs, pop stars and movie actors trying vainly to imitate the more real-seeming pop stars and movie actors of the past.

—Andrew O'Hehir on Hello, I'm Special: How Individuality Became the New Conformity


Bo's got new pictures, from the Hummingbird last Thursday night in Macon. It was surprisingly jolly, hanging out in Macon late into the evening and listening to some drunken singers and songers.


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The quote at the top may be evidence that I was going to write something about individuality, and creating a unique self-image from opposition, which is just a matter of clinging to things like retro films and TV shows, hemp necklaces or heavy chained ones, hair-dye (especially black hair dye; I should consider myself very lucky that I like my hair color so much, or else I assuredly would have gone all black at some point in high school, and worn blood-red lipstick that told people that I don't give a fuck what they think).

But I'm not a teenager anymore, why would I write about that?

Thank goodness.


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