27 April 2006

Note: Always remember that you should have, like nearly everyone else in the Empire, simply no idea how to measure the distance between what you say and what you mean. It should be absolutely unclear, for instance, whether or not you believe that "Modern bourgeois society ... is like the sorceror who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells."

—Chris Bachelder, Lessons in Virtual Tour Photography


Some belated painting snapshots from Monday night:


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AHH! I've been reading far too many web comics lately.

But can you really read too much of this kind of hilarity?


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Me and the boy went to the mountains this past weekend.

It was really nice and it made me have fantasies (that scared me a little I'm so accustomed to thinking of myself as a city girl) about living as a hermetic introvert in the country with billions of books in a crumbling old house that has a rickety old ladder that wheels around the beautifully populated library.

(And Bo could write songs and ghost stories and I could swim in the lake any time we pleased.)


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Do you think I can do something life-altering with this or this?

I feel a little bit too rational, a little bit cowardly and afraid of risk. I am probably only desiring graduate school because I can't put myself out there without someone else telling me I'm good enough in some measurable way.

I think that in computer science especially, that can be held against you; it's so frequently evident that you can succeed on your own merits and two feet.

It shall be entertaining at the very least to see my subtle attempts at glory through just being me.


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