21 April 2006

The mattress, the floozies, the actress at the movies
The lantern, the lotion, the wind that wakes the ocean
The Standard Edition, the architect's rendition
The fashion, the fevers, the house we got at Sears


mmm, now with rss! I've had numerous folks complain about mmm being inaccessible, so far off the beaten track from the livejournals and myspaces of the world, and I honestly kinda like it that way, but as an advocate of online freedom and flexibility, I should probably let people pick their own goddamn preferred reading environment. Have at.

Don't even think I'm giving you posers comments, though. Oh so tremendously do I despise banal comments! If I had the possibility given to me to reply to them, I might be seen as a real bitch.


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I made peanut butter cookies last night with the best peanut butter ever.

Tonight I plan on making the best apple pie ever. It's got cheddar in the crust and I have craved it for at least two years now.


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Someone mentioned this girl bunny mcintosh to me the other night and I have since then read everything she's ever written. I am not sure why I'm so obsessive about people who put their souls (or you know, their mountains of seemingly superficial gibberish that eventually results in revealing pieces of their souls) on the internet, but hoo boy I am (I felt just as excited looking at the pictures of jkottke's wedding this week as I do at a real wedding). Anyway, she's smart and hilarious and a little bit gorgeous-- and I feel like I can't have all her wild ravings in my head and not plug 'em, that just wouldn't be fair.


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OMG YES a new Darren Aronofsky film.


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Whoa, look at me being little miss professional.


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1) Becky and Dave have AN ADORABLE HOUSE


3) FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY (they make me sillygiddy)

4) I am THE WORST EVER at saving money today; I wore away my financial woes by buying two (2) CDs (Okkervil River and Prince, "the black Beck"), not noticing that I didn't get free shipping on amazon, two (2) t-shirts, one of which I paid a bit of a premium on because I love it that much, and eating lunch at The Globe and getting a $7 seared ahi tuna appetizer that was like the size of a quarter. A delicious quarter, though, my sweet.

5) I LOVE SPRINGTIME SO SO BAD and i'm going to spend some serious time outdoors and swimming and lying in grass and watching trees sway in the wind and be far far far away from everything


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