18 April 2006

my day
say you want
to retire away
from all those hacks on the beltway
deep in the brush in the hush of the discreet mesquites
to contemplate your legacy
nevermore to make
war on them
or us

—a fib derivative


Mostly pictures today; I suppose I can give a bit of commentary to up the word count.


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Written on a scrap of recycled newsprint as I tested my scratchy static fountain pen and carmine-colored ink:

I think

modern art:

a) can suck my balls
b) can blow my mind
c) both simultaneously



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I like cities that have a tight relationship with water. I don't dislike Atlanta exactly, but it does feel a little like a zombie, knowing it's not as alive as it sees that life in others. It's a little self-righteous [dryly so] as it tries to cover up the fact that it's more than a little jealous about the whole situation.


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This one made me want to do some real watercolor. I hate geometric bullshit disguised as art even more than the scribble kind. I thought maybe working on one would help me to at least understand some of the attraction, but the only part I like is where I smeared the ink and it distanced itself from the precision in my mistake.

Mathematical precision holds a strong appeal for me, but I think the magic of aesthetics is very very distant from it. Could it be the opposite, or does my mind [the mind!] even have the constraints to hold such opposites as what I'm considering?


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Bleah. I started this one without a plan, and one never developed, shocker!


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My favorite.


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