13 April 2006


Money is at the forefront; I worry that it sometimes is on my mind more than reality. The thing about New York City, especially in my first trip there wherein I really realized that I could move there, it could become a context in which to wrap my life, is that people there are so easily grouped into sections of economy and it becomes a much stronger prejudice than gender skincolor heritage. I may perhaps be far more of a pretentious yuppie shithead than I ever wanted to become (while attending my elite private high school I easily willingly believed in the common correlation between riches and shitheadedness, between thift store t-shirts and the kind of cool that is priceless) I may have already been edited by the accepted fact that there are many accoutrements of luxury that have power over me—it terrifies me—the correlation that I've cultivated between money and happiness and tried to be open-minded about and tried to think doesn't make for bad people—


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