6 august 2009

I should not have ended that last entry with a resolution, as I didn't follow up on it and subsequently felt ashamed to show my face around here for three weeks.

I have also made numerous attempts to resolve other things in the past few weeks, owing that exerting discipline and self-control are steps on the path toward screwing my head on a little straighter. A few bike rides have been lovely with wind in my face and Bo's presence an endpoint, I've gotten some graph theory exercises done that I had almost forsaken. Other things have fallen by the wayside, like my lack of grocery buying leading to an excess of fast food and Chinese takeout.

I still haven't taken a single dang photograph. Tonight Bo invited a few souls to happy hour drinks in his new backyard, so maybe this will lead to a thoughtful photographic composition, or a tipsy one. I have taken a picture or two with my phone and posted them here, a site frequented not only by my NYC friend ZB, but several of my old co-workers at Livewire. Small world.

And I'm going to Chicago this weekend and Savannah next weekend! And then school starts... unless I quit.