27 april 2010

Good night or good morning. It's been a while. I've been thinking often of you, the invisible blog reader with whom I have, in years past, so carefully developed a rapport. I've been wondering whether you miss me, or think of me as regularly as I, in passing, wish I were closer with you. I yearn to have been more up to date, to be able to drop a quick line and have you know what I mean without the backstory, to have that instant connection again.

And typing does instantly feel a bit nice, and I feel a bit of that familiar comfort in it.

I've been on a (possibly permanent) hiatus from PhD studies since this past fall, and after a short stint of freelancing, I've now returned to the world of the 8 to 5, the gainfully employed, the bean counters with good health insurance. The stability was, of course, at first an extreme sigh of relief, and even now, I continue to enjoy the routine of waking up early: quick on my computer clearing out incidents as soon as I get to the office, the feeling of efficiency and usefulness, the freedom of the five o'clock hour to clear my head from a productive day and choose my evening's swooping serpentine path.

And that path is winding to pulling the covers up to my cheek. The clock is about to strike twelve; here's hoping that you're wrapped up in your bed as well, that you also avoid the proverbial pumpkin transformation.