20 february 2013

I've been sitting in the (newly beautifully renovated) library for a couple hours now. I've been enjoying the fresh and snappy feeling of a newly upgraded OS on my laptop, configuring applications, appreciating the fresh start that comes with a partially failed backup.

I've been simultaneously very pleased and very frustrated with work, which I guess is the best that most people could ask. One wouldn't become frustrated if the topic didn't merit interest and involvement.

Bo and I are getting ready to buy the house where we've been living for years, and at the same time, kick off some renovations. A large living room with a fireplace off the back, a carport, an entrance from there into the kitchen. I've gotten perhaps a bit too engrossed in the blog and Pinterest world of home improvement and "interior decorating" — like, isn't there a more modern and less ridiculous sounding term for that now? Lifestyle blogging and styling your ecosystem.

But I can't deny that I get pleasure from a beautifully arranged something or other.

This past weekend I had gotten a whole chicken. I turned it into 4 and a half quarts of rich chicken stock, and a few pounds of shredded chicken. I turned those into:

  • many bowls of chicken noodle soup,
  • chicken salad, on sandwiches and on crackers,
  • and a chicken pot pie.

There are still 3 quarts of stock left, which will go into a butternut squash soup soon, and perhaps a cauliflower one later.