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the older things.

2006dec19 wordie pimp
2006dec13 xmas
2006dec10 michael
2006dec08 fun
2006dec06 just
2006dec04 linus
2006dec03 kinda worthless
2006nov24 thanksgiving
2006nov21 devotion
2006nov16 food
2006nov08 *@&#*(!&
2006nov07 soma
2006nov05 wherein religion plays a part
2006oct29 bleah
2006oct28 since tuesday
2006oct24 hazy nyc infatuation
2006oct20 happy birthday momma
2006oct18 long beautiful excerpt; scattered here and there-ity
2006oct15 binging/purging
2006oct10 context switches
2006oct07 quickly, pre-trip to MA
2006oct01 pieces of ny
2006sep20 introspective flight pattern
2006sep18 school difficulty, goodness
2006sep16 overlarge city photography
2006sep11 nyc grand unveiling
2006sep10 new site up
2006sep09 pick me up, social intimidation
2006sep08 a delicious book
2006sep07 stress
2006sep05 theology
2006sep04 two panoramic shots
2006sep03 pretention
2006sep01 subway ramble
2006aug30 dear
2006aug28 train voyage
2006aug25 a story
2006aug18 phone pix
2006aug15 chemically inspired

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