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monday, september 11, 2006.

I think that part of my melancholic frustration over the past week stemmed from the fact that I wanted to be done redesigning this little section of mine in cyberspace before classes started--to truly have settled here in my new habitat in a more methodical way than simply throwing my body into it--and there were still all these dangling undone tidbits. I only just took these pictures of the Chrysler building a few nights ago, and finally felt ready to christen this new thing.

If you go back through the "prev"iously links, you may find a dozen or so pages of new things. They are all (prior to Sept. 10th's rudimentary unveiling) transcribed from writing on paper I've engaged in over the past month.

And what a month it's been. Two weeks on one side of it and two on the other.

I've walked so much in these last two weeks. I've gone in more bookstores than I think there are in all of Atlanta, certainly more if you refuse to count all the Borders and Barnes & Nobles individually.

I've grown so affectionate for the neighborhoods, clutches of literati, around my school.

I've interviewed for three positions, and I think I'm going to accept one tomorrow morning in an office with a view of the Empire State Building.

I've had to wear a sweater in the evenings for weeks now.

I've made a few friends, I think.

I've missed a few people. God, so very much.

I'm still flailing to some degree; I certainly don't yet feel comfortable--within all this concrete and metal, within such a massive tangle of people, within my own skin, which is trying to change on me constantly; but I do have a feeling of promise and, intermittently, of euphoria.



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