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4 april 2008; friday.

It's a come as you are kind of town, come as you really are or really want to be.

It doesn't matter where you live or who you are married to as long as one of you can cook, come as you are.

Charmaine Neville, from My New Orleans


my room, clothes laid out for the morning

So, it's late as all hell, because I have almost no power of self-restraint, or at least that's part of the reason. I went out with some awesome girlfriends tonight to an open champagne bar and danced a bit too, but one) I didn't switch out of my glasses before heading out, and they make me feel a little loser-y esp. when in the meatpacking district, mostly because they don't fit very well and when I dance they try to come off my face and two) why do I care what these assholes in the meatpacking think of me anyway? and three) I have so much work to do I really shouldn't go out and talk about gentrification on the cobblestone street at 3 in the morning all woozy, I should be working on my goddamn research and/or sleeping so I can get up tomorrow and do some work.

I was thinking dancing and drinking out on the town would lead to me crashing into bed when I got home far too late, but instead I made cheese and mushroom quesadillas for me and a couple of the ladies, just spent ages planning out food to make for a dinner party this weekend (when I should be studying! why am I trying to plan a dinner party! could it be because I'm worried about moving away soon and I want to cram in seeing my friends more than getting my schoolwork done?!)

And now it's after 6am so I totally have an excuse for the ranting psychosis of this entry.

Actually I think the excuse is that I'm trying to decide about my plans in the summer and fall and I have no goddamn idea what I'm doing for either.




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