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15 april 2008; tuesday.


Though it's also linked to the left right now, I will say for those who use RSS feeds or are reading this in the future, Al Gore's TED talk is my favorite one yet, even though there have been great ones (Jill Taylor, for one, and some impressive multitouch technology — pre-iPhone — from some researchers at my school). But Al is so persuasive and emotionally jarring and does make me believe that the energy and climate crisis, and their solution, will be the defining challenge and culmination for my generation.

Somewhat problematically, I'll be moving in a few months to a place where it will be much more difficult to get around without a car, where I'll be tempted to travel often to see friends and family that are seemingly so much closer, but still many carbon feet away, where the power companies make it much more difficult and expensive to buy green energy and the abiding political landscape is just so thoroughly... different.

Athens does have a new farmers' market, though. And an opportunity to appreciate the challenge in front of me, to make Al proud.




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