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27 march 2008; thursday.

Sometimes of she speaks of her derrière, sticks it out Beale Street style and gives it a slap and this makes me blush because it is a very good one, marvellously ample and nothing to joke about.

--Walker Percy, The Moviegoer


bed, about to sleep

sometimes I think that it is important that I only express my madness here when of very little sleep or sustenance or with numerous chemicals swooshing through my system, as if that is the only way that I understand communication (or am not inhibited by the concept of it) but I have experiences other times also. Sometimes I think I need to let out these other times. The ones when I am curious why cameras are so prolific and any type of microphone is so rare -- I want to take a snapshot of the audio I travel though and why shouldn't I?

What counts as boring? Do I have to take naked photos?




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