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10 june 2008; tuesday.

I nod, not saying anything. As always, a separate, more complete dialogue passes between us, in the space just above our heads.

Suzanne Finnamore, Otherwise Engaged


bed, short shorts, air conditioner

Well, I need to go to sleep (and also plan a class for tomorrow, and also put in some writing on the research paper we're submitting next month, and also do some work that will pay me money, and also email the young lady who'll be moving into my room and hopefully buying some of my furniture, and also, and) but I thought it would be good for me to at least try to keep up with the major life decisions here.

I'm moving to Athens this summer and sometime in August will start research with Prashant Doshi on matching ontologies in the semantic web; I'll probably get to throw some natural language and machine learning into that graph theory which will make me very happy. We'll see if I get to continue interesting educational research as well, or if that might wait until after I become an illustrious professor.

Continue educational research, you say? What cool things are you already doing with teaching badass kids computer science? Oh, that would be this. I'm having a wonderful time and really hoping that we get to turn this into an annual program, and also that one day I get to have a hand in designing introductory computer science curricula. It's the best thing I've done so far in terms of being fun, rewarding, and constantly challenging.

I got to spend a few weeks in Savannah and Atlanta and Athens recently, and did a roadtrip with my folks down from here, and saw my little brother graduate at a gorgeous campus of old trees and old books. And graduated myself. And saw two of my favorite people get married! We've had a heat wave, I spent some fun times swimming and jetskiin' in Lake Lanier, I'm getting my stuff prepped to mail south, I'm constantly thinking -- this is the last time I'll be doing this, eating here, hugging my friend goodnight on this streetcorner in NYC, at least for a little while.




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