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4 may 2008; sunday.

Oftentimes the thought of doing things is more tiring than actually doing them.


been in my room all weekend, uh oh

I have four major projects that I'm supposed to finish in the next week. I suppose accepting that they aren't all going to be completed to my satisfaction should soothe my restless panic, but it doesn't. It just means that I have another decision tree to dictate and follow in order to see which projects get my priorities.

In addition to the four research/class projects, I also have a demo to present tomorrow afternoon, an ACM meeting with elections to help organize tomorrow night, two final lectures to attend, um work (so I get the money to do laundry and eat?), and planning sessions for a teaching project that I'm involved in this June.

And then this weekend I'm going to Annapolis to see my little brother graduate, bringing my whole family to NYC for the first time together and my dad's first time in his life, graduating my own self, and riding a roadtrip together down to Savannah.

Life is such a crazy, hard-to-believe thing sometimes.




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