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Marilyn C. Cole (email), 27, New York City, an apartment in the Hamilton Heights end of Harlem, since August 2006. Before that, Atlanta, Georgia for seven years, through a Georgia Tech computer science degree and three years of learning how to be a grown-up and still have fun. Before that, ten years in Savannah, the place that gives her stability, that she considers to be home. Before that, short stints in middle Georgia next to a lake; on Tybee Island next to the beach; in a suburb of Dallas, Texas during the peak of Dallas (the nighttime soap opera); the middle of Oklahoma for the birth of her little brother; and Nashville, Tennessee, where she greeted this mad messed up world.

Attending New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, taking coursework toward her Masters in Computer Science, with debatable ambitions in the direction of a Ph.D. in something or other.

Simply head over heels for a musician whose songs makes her woozy, whose words make her happy, who she wants to marry one day.

Strawberry-blonde hair, blue-green-yellow eyes, pale skin with freckles.

academia, acoustic guitar, acting intelligent, adventures in the car, after-rain smell, alanis morissette, angelina jolie, ani difranco, articulateness, artificial intelligence, audrey hepburn, avocados, bad pick up lines, beauty, being egotistical, being insecure, ben folds, bertrand russell, bisexuality, björk, black eyeliner, blackberries, bloody marys, books, britney spears, bubble baths, candy, cat power, cemeteries, cheap red wine, collar bones, conan o'brien, cooking, cool points, crisp pickle spears, dancing, dar williams, daria, death cab for cutie, dismemberment plan, douglas coupland, drinking, drugs, eating outside, eeevil, elvis costello, english accents, etiquette, falling in love, feminism, firefly, fishnets, flowers, freaks and geeks, frolicking, fun, getting my way, gilmore girls, gin and tonics, girls, google, grammatical correctness, greek mythology, hal9000, handwritten letters, happiness, harold and maude, harry potter, harry/draco, homemade t-shirts, hot hot baths, intelligence, jem, joel, kids in the hall, kissing, kittens, knee-high socks, knitting, late night conversations, laughing, life, luna lovegood, magnetic poetry, making things, margaret atwood, math, max rebo, mazzy star, messy hair, milk, mirah, modest mouse, my computer, my mama and daddy and little bro, night swimming, nintendo, nonsense, not waiting, nudity, new york, originality, pi, pie, pillows, pinky and the brain, radiohead, rainer maria, reading in the bathtub, red popsicles, richard bach, road trips, robots, rocking out, roller coasters, sandals, sarcasm, seduction, sexuality, shoes, sifl & olly, simon & garfunkel, simone de beauvoir, singing very loudly, skirts that twirl, sleep, songs: ohia, soup, stars, staying up too late, subversive literature, sushi, swings, sylvia plath, tetris, thai food, the beach, the color pink, the history channel, the month of october, the simpsons, the smell of bookstores, the windows down, the word indeed, thrift stores, thunderstorms, virginia woolf, weezer, wet trampolines, winks, words.