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5 april 2008; saturday.

Just as the sense of touch pervades our whole physical body, ignorance pervades all the disturbing emotions. There is no disturbing emotion that is not related to ignorance.

His Holiness The Dalai Lama, The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace


clean room, clean heart

What a lovely day it was today. I don't know if I can fully express the delight of spring's onset after so so long under coats and sweaters and scarves and gloves and cold grey skies. It feels like being in the park with my mom and dad and brother when I was five, and flying a kite.

The skies weren't particularly blue or anything, but I wore a tank top and a light bright red jacket and wore my freshly-washed hair down and walked all over.

Bo's going to be here in two weeks--it's probably another reason I had such a pretty happy day--and we're going to ride the train up from Grand Central one day and spend part of our four-day weekend (!!!) in a little town in the Hudson River Valley. Also one night we're going to see the mother ... loving KIDS IN THE HALL in Times Square. We're going to probably split our sides open, guts and stomachs falling out into the aisle and it'll be just another awesome live show for the Kids.


Food I've made in the last 24 hours:

You think I'm pre-nesting? I'm starting to get excited about moving to Athens sometime this summer (middle or end?) and I wish I could start getting a place to live ready, but in the stead of that, I'm doing laundry here and making enough food to feed everyone and celebrate spring.




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