a big-city fairy tale. most recently played music


the older things.

2007dec13 xmas soooooooooon
2007dec04 screwing it
2007nov17 suffrage
2007nov13 thanksgiving
2007nov06 blah fart
2007oct17 stretched to the limit
2007sep25 impending
2007sep22 ella
2007sep20 insecurity
2007sep07 I'm back!
2007aug19 stylistic choices
2007jul27 sorrow, wander
2007jul13 short, sweet
2007jun28 sporadic
2007jun19 list
2007jun06 young brilliance/brilliants
2007jun04 god-like
2007may22 delirium
2007may08 bang bam crash
2007may02 crankcity
2007apr29 fantasize
2007apr27 while calculating
2007apr26 my boy
2007apr25 doubtfully poetic
2007apr17 inconsistency
2007apr07 my talented friends
2007apr05 snippets
2007apr04 escapism
2007apr02 locale
2007mar23 research 'direction'
2007mar22 in some regard
2007mar14 writing on the internet
2007mar10 playing catch-up
2007mar02 golly
2007feb14 an ode
2007feb09 losing it
2007feb04 nada
2007jan28 pee
2007jan27 all over
2007jan22 without merit
2007jan18 a sketch
2007jan17 writing
2007jan10 after a hiatus

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