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8 may 2007; tuesday.


Courant library, spread out at a big table, Mercer St. lit up in the justdark, last time I'll be here for a few months

The semester is almost almost thisclose to complete, and with it, my first year of the return to school and momentous move to New York; it is the halway point to the acquisition of a piece of paper saying I know more computer science. It will also say M.S.

Exam week, semester concluding crunch time, has always been the nadir for me, a usually depressing result of the high standards I set for myself and the crushing blow of constantly-flowing time not continuing to extend from my sense of procrastination. All my high expectations drip to compromises, and I can only hope that the bar was set so high originally that its 3 inch lower placement is still impressive.

I have pleasingly exciting summer plans, with a company that has probably been my favorite for almost a decade now, and I absolutely cannot wait to begin.


I am just now struck with the heavy-handed dramatic tone struck in the above. What the hell? Is it so standard that I wax pretentiously flowing boredom of ambitionexpectationplans gradesresearchwork vagaries that I don't even notice anymore when it runs rampant?


I wish I was a superhero, a sarcastic whip-smart socialite-eater, or a mama.

But I guess those can wait. My twisted ideas of the above roles can only take what I'm doing now as training.




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