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the older things.

2008jun15 happy father's day
2008jun10 under the surface
2008may05 ack! go to class
2008may04 action
2008apr30 spread thin
2008apr15 greenery
2008apr05 SPRING OMG
2008apr04 champagn-yay
2008mar21 (untitled)
2008mar27 derriere
2008mar06 nola and other snippets
2008feb04 barack obama





mmmarilyn, v2

10 September 2004 through some vague point in summer 2006, contains lots of long introspective posts through an escape to Europe, deciding to move to NYC, falling head over heels for that boy.

mmmarilyn, v1

Very pink, from 7 april 2004 to 1 september 2004, composing the bulk of my most drunken and mad times. It's particularly bizarre when tinted with all that childish girliness.


A few entries from a time without a digital home.

the question is wrong

my senior year at georgia tech (summer 2002 - summer 2003), somewhat sparse.

curiouser && curiouser

midway through gt: the exhibitionism really begins.

minor diaryland adjunct

sporadic hidden entries during my tumultuous sophmore year in college.

the beginning

fall 1999 - spring 2001.

about this.